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May 2022 First Anniversary Edition of MILES PEDDLED - Ebikes Part II

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

- Anäis Nin

In May of 2021, a new publication bust onto the blogosphere scene known as Miles Peddled. Playlist suggestion: EXPLOSIONS by Ellie Goulding.

People ask, "What Does the Name Miles Peddled Mean?" For a response, see the special Red, White, and Blue July 2021 issue of MILES PEDDLED (MP) at

Others inquired "Of What Use is This Publication?” In response, Management at MP submits that this question is answered with every DAMN publication.

This past year has been very enjoyable for Management at MP. Management knows, or at least we hope, that we have provided some valuable information in an entertaining manner. The year, however, has not been without its difficulties. These range from an employee shortage; blatant plagiarism from some national publications (see the recent March 2022 Spring Break edition of MP); and even an attempted coup. The one constant throughout these difficulties has been the loyalty of the subscribers to MP. Hence the name Loyal Subscribers.

Speaking of Loyal Subscribers, MP is proud to announce that the subscriber list has grown 10-fold over the past year. Due to the support of its subscribers, MP is pleased to announce that it will continue for another year, or at least through July of 2022. This will make many people happy; many more unhappy. C'est la vie. Playlist suggestion: STRONGER by Brittany Spears.

So here we go: Welcome to the May 2022 First Anniversary Edition of MILES PEDDLED. The subject matter of this Month's edition will be Ebikes - Part II or as the French say: Vélo Électrique Partie Duex.

As an aside, congratulations to new French President EMMANUEL MACRON on his recent victory over fascist MARINE LE PEN. VIVA LA FRANCE AND MP! DEMOCRACY LIVES! MP will always support democracy. Playlist suggestion: DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING? by Michael Maguire.

Before we get to this Month's subject matter, MP has a few postscripts to address from past editions. Please note that all of the following information was provided by the loyal subscribers to MP. As such, it is informative and reliable (unlike the narrative of this publication).

As the loyal subscribers to MP know, the April edition was entitled the "ING," which addressed biking and drinking. In connection therewith, loyal subscriber Ms. Hickey provided the following information:

ANOTHER ENJOYABLE ISSUE! [Emphasis added.] But you may want to inform your subscribers that sadly, Floyd's closed its brew pub permanently on December 1, 2020. You can still buy carry-out at the location though. I can suggest other breweries in the area that the subscribers may enjoy…Windmill Brewing, New Overfalz, Wild Rose and 18th Street Brewing (Hammond).

Ms. Hickey has now earned a nickname. She will be anointed in the July 2022 edition. Stay tuned.

As all of the loyal subscribers to MP know, many editions of MP have highlighted bike trails throughout the Nation, particularly in the Midwest. In connection therewith, loyal subscriber Darling Dar (DD) provided Management with information on the soon to be realized Great American Rail-Trail which will allow you to travel approximately 3,700 miles across 12 states from the Pacific Coast to Washington D.C. See

Even the Mad Viking (MV), seems to have fallen in line after his past coup attempt was quashed. MV has provided Management with a very HIGH LEVEL (MV's description of his own work) overview of the proposed LAKE MICHIGAN CIRCLE TOUR (LMCT). More information will follow in subsequent editions of MP.

One announcement before we get to the attraction of this Month's edition. Specifically, over the past weekend Wonder Woman (WW) and Master MP were honored to attend the nuptials of our beautiful niece Jordan to a very generous and kindhearted man Josh. Congratulations! As a gift, Management at MP gave the newlyweds a free 1-year subscription to MP. For some reason it was not on their registry.

During the festivities, Master MP was able to pick up several new subscribers; in reality only 1: Welcome FRANK.

Now on to the attraction of this Month's edition, which will be Ebike Recommendations.

As the loyal subscribers to MP will recall, in the May 2022 edition of MP, Management posed the question "Ebikes - are they cheating?" Management is certain that the two May 2021 editions definitively established that Ebikes are NOT CHEATING. Rather, ebikes provide exercise, fun, are practical and good for the environment.

As stated by SANDERELLA, who recently picked up her ebike:

"First outing with my ebike today. I only rode around the block as it was cold…wish I would have opted for the heated seat! I like the upright-Dutch style of the bike. It was quite comfortable and seems to be a safer ride because sitting more upright allows for greater visibility. It was easy to use!...The assists were fun to try out and will come in handy when I get cold. Looking forward to warm weather biking season!"

As stated by DMANOPEDIA (plagiarized from Allison Williams):

At first, it feels like cheating. An electric bike sports all of the basics found on any pair of wheels: pedals, handlebars, triangular seat that demands a little butt wiggle to position yourself just so. But engage the pedal assist motor, fueled by a lithium battery, and a burst of energy will superpower each pedal revolution. A little push produces major movement. Suddenly you're Lance Armstrong, fresh off a doping session and facing a smooth downhill grade - it's all a little too easy.

Before we get to the ebike recommendations in the TREK/URBAN/TRAIL (TUT) category, it is important to remind the loyal subscribers of the various classes of ebikes which are as follows:

  • Class I:

The rider must pedal but gets a boost from the motor up to 20 mph.

  • Class II:

The motor can move the bike on its own up to 20 mph.

  • Class III:

Same as Class I, but the top speed is 28 mph.

SOURCES: Electric bike review (EBR); electrek co; and, as usual, DMANOPEDIA.

The recommendations are as follows:

Best ebike under $1,000:


  • Price:


  • Class:

Class III

  • Comment:

A very utilitarian and easy to ride ebike. Plus, for those that have space limitations the bike folds so that you can keep it in your apartment and transport it in your car or truck.


  • Price:


  • Class:

Class II

  • Comment:

This pedal assist bike has a belt drive set up and a low weight design. The Roadster is best for someone who enjoys cycling and simply wants an assist motor to help them go a little faster and farther.

Best Electric Bike under $2,000:

1. Aventon:

Aventon makes several quality ebikes in the $1,000 to $2,000 price range. Management is recommending the Aventon Soltera and the Aventon Level.

  • Price:

The Soltera starts at $1,299; the level at $1,799.

  • Class:

Both care Class II ebikes.

  • Comment:

Aventon packs a lot of features into a quality made reasonably priced ebike.


  • Price:


  • Class:

Class I.

  • Comment:

The Rad Runner II is a cargo electric bike which are the work horses in the ebike world. The rear end has tons room for boxes, bags or even a child seat.

Best Electric Bikes from $2,000 to $3,500:


  • Price:


  • Class:

Class I.

  • Comment:

VanMoof makes elegant bikes that are designed for urban commuters. They come with a belt drive which is a nice feature for the urban riders.


  • Price:

$1,999 but you will need to add some accessories such as a rear rack which pushes you over the $2,000 mark.

  • Class:

Class II.

  • Comment:

Big tires and high power from North America's largest ebike company.

Best Electric Bikes $3,500 to $5,000:


Specialized makes many excellent ebikes in this price range, but the one that stands out is listed above.

  • Price:


  • Class:

Class III.

  • Comment:

This bike is beautiful and versatile; but what really makes it special is its low eight coming in at approximately 32 pounds.


(This is management's pick to click for all ebikes under $5,000.)

  • Price:


  • Class:

Class III.

  • Comment:

This bike has it all. Mid-engine Bosch performance line speed motor; integrated Bosch battery; Enviolo 380 internal gearing; Gates belt drive; plus integrated fenders, rack, and lights. The bike can do it all and is maintenance free.

If you are looking for an ebike over $5,000 management strongly recommends that you go to the Riese & Müller website, pick a model and custom build the bike to meet your needs.

A word of caution, if you are going to spend over $5,000 for an ebike stay away from the ebikes built by the car companies such as Ferari, Lamborghini, Porsche; and, the ebike built by Harley Davidson. You are paying for the brand name status and not the ebike.

Now on to the Trivia section.

Regular bikes have been around since the 1880's. The first ebike which was a battery powered was patented in 1895. Given the technology limitations, however, ebikes remained an oddity until the 2000's.

Recently, the sale of ebikes has exploded. For example, in 2021 approximately 610,000 electric cars and trucks were sold. Compare that to the approximate 880,000 ebikes that were purchased in the same year.

There is one country where ebikes are so popular that one in three adults rides an ebike. Name that country. Answer in the postscript section of this edition.


As all of the loyal subscribers to MP recall, the now famous September 2021 edition addressed the AROMAS OF THE CITY. This edition outlined numerous neighborhoods in the City where you could bike and also get an excellent ethnic meal. Building on this theme, WW suggested that the June 2022 edition address the Sounds of the City - biking in the City neighborhoods where you can hear the blues, jazz, rock and country. Playlist suggestion: SUMMER IN THE CITY by The Lovin' Spoonful.

Sticking with the musical theme, remember: The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye, until we meet again." - Jimi Hendrix

Until we meet again remember to R, R & R!

POSTSCRIPT: Answer to Quiz:

Netherlands. In the Netherlands, the ebike market grew a staggering $10.5 billion in 2021. The highly recommended Gazelle ebike outlined above is built by a Dutch company that has been making bikes for 130 years. See the wonderful recommendation from SANDERELLA.

If you are interested visit J. C. Lind Bike Co. located in Old Town. Website: Tell Jon the owner that Management at MP sent you. Be careful not to mention the Mad Viking.

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