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August/September Edition - SUPPER CLUBS

"One cannot think well, love well, or sleep well, if one has not dined well."

- Carrie Davis

Welcome to the much anticipated August/September Edition of Miles Peddled (MP). In this issue, Management will be directing its loyal subscribers to some wonderful SUPPER CLUBS with nearby biking. Sit back and enjoy the Wisconsin vegetable platter consisting of fried onion rings, fried mushrooms, fried zucchini, and cheese curds.

Before we get to this Month’s attraction, Management has some random thoughts about its loyal subscribers who are avid cyclists. In addition, Management will be assigning 5 new nicknames.

First, some random thoughts. It has been Management’s observation that bicyclists tend to veer to the progressive side of politics. Bicycling, as stated by Susan B. Anthony in 1896, “has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world.”

For obvious reasons, environmentalists ride bikes. Animal welfare activists, who opposed the whipping of horses, favored bicycles. In short, cycling not only exercises the body, but it opens the mind. Management at MP will always support the enlightened PROGRESSIVE AGENDA.

Book recommendation: Two Wheels Good: The History and Mystery of the Bicycle, by Judy Rosen. To ride a bike, as Rosen points out, is to come as close to flying by your own power as humans ever will. No part of you touches the ground; you ride on air. It does not go unnoticed that Orville and Wilbur Wright began as bicycle makers.

Now on to some loyal subscribers who have earned a nickname. The new lucky inductees are as follows:




· John D. –SAGE MASTER: NOTE: SAGE MASTER (SM) recently purchased an ebike. Specifically, he went with the Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0. This is the sports car of ebikes. Hence, SM’s theme song will be LITTLE DEUCE COUPE by The Beach Boys

· Anne A. – QUEEN OF COMP: THINK by Aretha Franklin

Now to this Month’s attraction, Supper Clubs and Biking. Book recommendations:




According to DMANOPEDIA, Supper Clubs were common in the Roman Empire. One of the most notable clubs was MITHRAISM. The Supper Club, however, was perfected in Wisconsin in the 1940’s and 1950’s. The following characteristics define a Wisconsin-style Supper Club:

· Prime Rib or Surf & Turf specials every Saturday night

· Pre-supper relish tray

· Christmas lights strung along structures year round

· Waitress calls you “Hon”

· Jell-O served as a salad option

· Walleye is a regular menu item

· All you can eat fish-fry on Fridays

· They must serve the three famous drinks of all Wisconsin Supper Clubs which will be the subject of the trivia/quiz section



Playlist suggestion:

THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA by Stan Getz featuring João Gilberto

Recently, the MAD VIKING (MV) planned and lead an exciting thrill packed trip through southern Wisconsin which he designated as the CIRCLE SOUTHERN WISCONSIN TOUR 2022. Over 4 days MV lead a group of intrepid loyal subscribers, on ebikes, over a 268 mile trek. MV’s plan left no detail to chance ranging from the route, to the packing list, to accommodations and meals. Please note that MV is available to plan your next party, wedding, bar mitzvah, or siege. If interested please contact him at: MADVIKING@IAMALWAYSANGRY.COM.

During the trip, the intrepid explorers were entertained by what MP MUSIC described as the quintessential road trip playlist which is entitled DMAN’S ROAD TRIPPIN’. This one of a kind playlist can be accessed at MP MUSIC (a/k/a YouTube Music).

Set forth below are some of the quintessential Wisconsin-style Supper Clubs. MASTER MP (MP), managing editor of Miles Peddled (MP), was taught in journalism school at DMAN UNIVERSITY (DU-Home of the “Brave Bikers”) never to bury the lead. Hence, the first listed Supper Club is the personal favorite of Management at MP.

1. BUCKHORN SUPPER CLUB – Milton, Wisconsin

· Commentary:

The Buckhorn sits on the shores of beautiful Lake Koshonong. The Buckhorn has all the ingredients that make this a special Supper Club. This includes being greeted by the Pope family who have owned the club since 1997 and make you feel like you are a member of their family. They bring you into the red-tufted leather bar and serve you all of the special Wisconsin Supper Club drinks (more to follow in the trivia section). They then invite you to dine and enjoy the prime rib or the Friday fish-fry. They also offer the best BROASTED CHICKEN in all of Wisconsin.

All of the food and drink can be enjoyed al fresco while looking over beautiful Lake Koshonong next to the PBR sign.

· Biking:

A short distance from the Buckhorn is the GLACIAL – RIVER TRAIL that starts on the south end at Beloit, Wisconsin then heads north for the next 46 miles past the Buckhorn and up to Jefferson, Wisconsin.

· Playlist:

BEYOND THE SEA by Bobby Darin.

2. ISHNALA SUPPER CLUB – Wisconsin Dells

· Commentary:

One of the most iconic and well-known Wisconsin Supper Clubs, Ishnala is now open for its 69th season. Occasionally Supper Clubs rest on their laurels, but not Ishnala. In 2022 they were voted the best destination and best Supper Club in Wisconsin.

The word “Ishnala” means “by itself alone.” The Ishnala Supper Club is, by all accounts, a one of a kind experience. The dining room floor is composed of 76 tons of flagstone from a nearby quarry. Every seat in the restaurant provides a breathtaking view of beautiful Mirror Lake and the surrounding bluffs. The “Arrowhead Bar” is built in the shape of an arrowhead, hence the name. Order an Ishnala old fashioned and sit back and enjoy some spectacular food. Start with the Prime Spears which consists of thin sliced prime rib of beef with a 4 cheese filling wrapped around fresh asparagus spears served with a tangy bistro and béarnaise sauce.

· Biking:

A short car ride away from the restaurant (approximately fifteen miles per DMAPS) is the south trailhead for the 400 STATE TRAIL which begins in Reedsburg, Wisconsin and continues northwest for the next 22 miles to Elroy, Wisconsin. In Elroy the 400 connects with the famous ELROY SPARTA TRAIL that will run the next 33 miles up through Sparta, Wisconsin during which you go through 3 spectacular train tunnels. From Sparta you can continue to ride west all the way to Lacrosse, Wisconsin where you hit the Mississippi. This would add another 26 miles to your journey.

· Playlist:

WE’RE GOIN’ TO THE DELLS by the great Luke Ski featuring Carrie Dahlby.

3. TORNADO STEAKHOUSE – Madison, Wisconsin

· Commentary:

What do you get when you combine a steakhouse and Supper Club in the state capital of Wisconsin; the answer is the TORNADO STEAKHOUSE located in the shadow of the state capital building.

In 1958 the TORNADO began life as a Supper Club called Crandall’s (this one is for you MV). Today, walking into the TORNADO is like taking a trip back in time to the 1950’s. The cocktails are strong, the steaks are huge, and the atmosphere is a combination of dark wood walls and dim lighting. Enjoy the bone-in 28 ounce ribeye and the spinach salad with hot vinaigrette dressing.

· Biking:

There are many wonderful bike trails that wrap around Lake Mendota, Lake Monoa or Lake Waubesa in Madison. Explore them all.

For a little bit longer journey get on the SOUTHWEST COMMUTER PATH and take it southwest out Madison where it eventually turns into the BADGER STATE TRAIL. If you take this combo of trails from the steakhouse down to Exeter, Wisconsin it is a 24 mile trek. On the way you will go through Stewarts Tunnel. Just check and make sure that the tunnel is not closed for repairs. Just south of Exeter get off the trail and head southwest on Exeter Crossing Road and you will hit the SUGAR RIVER TRAIL and you can ride for another 4 miles into New Glarus, Wisconsin known as “Little Switzerland.” For more information regarding New Glarus check out the June 2021 Edition of Miles Peddled which can be accessed at

· Playlist:

TORNADO by Little Big Town. Master MP acknowledges that the name of the song is different than the restaurant name, but Management likes this song.

4. TORTOISE SUPPER CLUB - 350 North State Street, Chicago, Illinois.

· Commentary:

That’s right – Chicago does have an authentic Supper Club and its name is Tortoise Supper Club located on the east side of the Marina Towers. Inspired by the swanky party scenes in the movies “White Christmas” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” owners Megan and Keene opened the Tortoise in 2012. Prime rib, steaks, fresh seafood, beautiful craft cocktails and swanky jazz in the heart of Downtown! Is there anything better?

· Biking:

Somehow Management at MP always gets you on the Lakefront Trail. This time you are going to walk your bike on the south side of the River Walk from State Street to the Lake. You will jump in the saddle on the LAKEFRONT TRAIL at DuSable Harbor and proceed south to the end of the Lakefront Trail at the South Short Cultural Center. Almost exactly 10 miles one way. A beautiful 20 mile round trip.

For those that are a little bit more adventurous, which is almost all of the loyal subscribers to MP, you can continue your journey south down South Shore Drive through Rainbow Beach to Steel Workers’ Park. This would add an additional 3.5 miles one way to the journey.

Steel Workers’ Park is the former home of the U.S. STEEL COMPLEX known as SOUTH WORKS which closed down in 1992. The entire site covers over 600 acres right on the lakefront. The Chicago Park District has converted 16.5 acres to a community park. The park includes a climbing wall on an old artifact from the steel mill.

Mini Trivia: What is the Relationship Between Steel Workers’ Park and Lake Peoria? The question will be answered in the postscript section of this Edition.

· Playlist:

RULES OF THE ROAD by Lena Horne.

Now on to this Month’s Trivia/Quiz section. Below, Management has set forth several questions regarding Wisconsin-style Supper Clubs. The answers to the questions will be in the postscript section.

  • What is the Official Drink of a Wisconsin-Style Supper Club?

  • What are the 4 Different Ways You Can Order the Official Drink of a Wisconsin-Style Supper Club?

  • What are the 2 Official Ice Cream Drinks of a Wisconsin-Style Supper Club?

TEASE TIME: As all of the loyal subscribers to MP will recall, the colorful October 2021 edition of MP outlined several biking and hiking combo adventures. For the foreseeable future, or at least through October 2022, October will always be the month that Management combines hiking and biking. Put on your broken-in hiking shoes and get ready for some spectacular trails to hike and bike which will be presented in next Month’s edition. Playlist suggestion: HARVEST MOON by Neil Young.

Time to go, but please remember “Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Enjoy the journey and remember to R, R & R!


Answer to Mini Trivia:

What is the Relationship Between Steel Workers’ Park and Lake Peoria?

When U.S. Steel left their South works location in 1992 the land was barren and covered with iron slag. At about the same time, the depth of Lake Peoria had decreased from 8’ to 2’ due to sediment at the bottom of the Lake. The sediment needed to be dredged and removed, but where would it go? The answer was to the 600 acre U.S. Steel South Works which eventually became Steel Workers’ Park, and the project became known as “Mud to Parks.” It was unbelievably successful, and vegetation began to grow within 2 months of the mud being placed at the former U.S. Steel facility.

Answer to Maxi Trivia:

· What is the official drink of a Wisconsin-style Supper Club?

Answer: You can call me old fashioned, but that’s a whisky proposition.” If you have not guessed by now, the answer is an OLD FASHIONED. Playlist suggestion: OLD FASHIONED LOVE SONG by Three Dog Night.

By the way, check out the Gallery section of the digital version of MP which can be soaked in at and see the picture of the bike found by QUEEN OF COMP (QOC) which is the perfect vehicle to transport the fixing’s for an OLD FASHIONED.

· What are the 4 Ways to Order an Old Fashioned?

Answer: Sweet with whiskey; sweet with brandy; sour with whiskey; and, sour with brandy.

· What are the 2 Ice Cream Drinks Associated with a Wisconsin-Style Supper Club?

· Spotted Cow

· Pink Squirrel

· Moon Man

· Grasshopper

Answer: The correct answer is Pink Squirrel and Grasshopper. Both are spiked ice cream drinks that are delicious. Spotted Cow and Moon Man are beers from the NEW GLARUS BREWERY which you can probably get at a Wisconsin-style Supper Club.

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