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Recently, my lovely wife and I had the pleasure of biking with two very good friends. Our friends, however, seem hesitant to be mentioned by name in the Biking Blog, therefore, herein they will be referred to by the pseudonyms Kurt and Sandraella.

During our most recent trip the group discussed a series of biking rules and we reached the consensus that the following five rules should be considered the definitive rules for biking. They are as follows:

1. Hill:

Never stop your bike at the bottom of a hill.

2. Sun:

Never stop in the sun.

3. Safety:

The third rule is safety first.

4. Hydrate:

Always hydrate with your favorite beverage.

5. Alone:

Never bike alone. Everything is more fun when done in pairs.

Please always keep these biking rules in mind.

Adios until the next edition of the blog.

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